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TomoCon PACS

Digital hospital with the TomoCon PACS system

TomoCon PACS system represents complex and flexible solution for picture archiving, management and distribution of DICOM medical images from digital modalities within healthcare center. It also consists of multi-licensed TomoCon DICOM viewer which guarantee immediate access of all stored images and their presentation.

Effective backup and archiving subsystem according to user requested level

Secure access to image studies for authorized users only

Full HIS/RIS integration support

Support of all DICOM image formats from any digital modalities

DICOM Viewer
Multi-licensed TomoCon viewer for clinical stations

Scalable solution according to hospital's demands, from 1 modality up to metropolis solution including central archive

TomoCon PACS offers a stable solution for archiving and distribution of patient medical images. Full DICOM and HL7 compatibility ensures full integration with all existing systems on the market. Direct connection to the T3C system provides the possibility of secure image distribution outside the healthcare facility. High reliability of the TomoCon PACS system is increased by continuous remote monitoring of TatraMed service center.

  • Full support of DICOM Modality worklist
  • Dynamic adaptation of data storage due to the current needs of medical equipment
  • Operation in high availability mode (cluster)
  • Archiving module with tape drives support (LTO) and sophisticated archiving systems support (EMC, IBM)
  • Easily connect any DICOM compliant modality
  • Secure and fast access to images for authorized users
  • Easy management of the entire system for the system administrator
  • Remote management for instant solution of problems and the need for prophylaxis
  • Permanent monitoring of server network access, storage state, functionality drives
  • DICOM burning robot extension (CD/DVD) with automatic printing and integration of the TomoCon Lite viewer