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T3C Teleradiology Communication Center
Transfer of patient image documentation
T3C Teleradiology Communication Centre is a system for secure transfer of patient digital image documentation.
Map of publicly visible Slovak institutions connected to T3C system
The data are transferred over the Internet using HTTP. Internet connection is all that is needed, there is no additional configuration required. The system can be hidden behind the firewall in a local network.
The transferred data are secured by asymmetric encryption. Only the recipient can decode the data with the private key. All transferred data are also signed by the sender's private key, so that it is impossible to send fakes.
Patient image documentation involves massive amounts of data. Compression and transfer optimization ensures the recipient receives them quickly.
The transfer is resistant to failures and dropped connections. When the connection is restored, transfer continues automatically. No data are transferred multiple times.
Both healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics) and individuals (specialists such as radiologists) can participate. Transmission is initiated by the data owner, not by the recipient.  Participants are registered in the T3C system and can be public or hidden.
Patient data
DICOM studies generated by various modalities, medical and structured reports as well as attachments of any kind can be transferred.
The images can be obtained from (or send to) PACS system, TomoCon Workstation, any DICOM device or files on disk.
The system is designed for the Intel platform and Microsoft Windows Vista and later operating systems.
Applications are available in English, Czech and Slovak languages.
The client transfers data to the T3C Server. Recipient downloads the data automatically. This way the transfer commences even if participants are not connected at the same time. All data sent by the client are encrypted. Even in the case of interception of the communication, or server attack, it is not possible to decode any sensitive data.
There is a single instance of T3C Service installed on the client system. It is used for secure communication with the T3C Server. This application works without user intervention. Service can be configured to perform automatic operations (sending and storing).
The user controls the operation of the system by T3C Console GUI. It is possible to install multiple Consoles on multiple computers on a site. Each Console communicates with the Service and allows users to:
  • send patient image data and attachments to recipient
  • store received patient image data and attachments
  • send messages or patient image data requests to the recipient
  • view the transfer history
  • configure the Service automation tasks
Current operation
Current operation on Slovak servers as of May 2016 (population 5.5 milion):
  • Total number of registered participants: 370
  • Out of these, publicly visible institutions: 140
  • Total number of transferred studies over the last year: 210,000
  • Total volume of transferred compressed studies over the last year: 12.4 TB
Last year transfer history